Chemical peels

Chemical peels- peeling is a simple lunch time procedure where in fruit derived acid is applied evenly all over the face and then thoroughly neutralised in due course of time .Anyways our skin gets peeled of every 28days, but it is not uniform. but because of controlled chemical peels, uppermost layer of skin get peeled of uniformly so the new skin which comes from inside is lighter in colour, smoother in texture` ,glowing and even in tone.

Peels are for you if:

-You are interested in preventing signs of aging

-You want to reduce skin lines and wrinkles-

-Though fairer but dull,oily and sun damaged skin


1. Glycolic peels- glycolic acid is a alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugarcane it is a superficial peel which reduces the build up of dead cells and allow the fresher skin of resurface. It also stimulates the collagen synthesis and improve the texture with regular treatments.Recommended for pigmentation excessive oily skin,acne,uneven skin tone .suggested 6-8 session with a gap of is 15 days between the sessions

2. Salicylic peel- It’s a medium depth peel which reduces the activity of oil glands in the skin and bringdown the pimples and excess oiliness in the skin. visible results are seen in 3-4 session. Interval between peels should be 2-3weeks

3.Innopeel-It is an advanced vitamin A derived medium depth peel again work wonders in dull,pigmented patchy skin suggested is 3peels with a gap of one month

4.TCA peel –It a deep peel mainly on other body parts except face for pigmentation mainly indicated for tanned hands, back , legs , neck once a month for 3 sessions

5.Cosmelan – It’s an advanced and deep one time procedure which is a fast and best for taking careof all kinds of pigmentation on face.