Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis: Your hair tells the truth about you but not all of it

Hair or scalp analysis in cosmetic dermatology involves macroscopic examination of the hair strand to look for any cardinal signs of damage to the roots of hair.

A tachograph or physical macro- and microscopic examination of hair and the scalp is used mainly to find out why a person is losing hair, or how much of his hair are in the growing or resting or falling phases.


Scalp analysis reveals the true state of hairy scalp as in presence of dandruff or any other infection which may lead to alarming hair fall and on the other hand can be taken care of easily with treatments.Hair analysis is performed during the consultation phase is to aid in the selection of products, chemicals and services. Analysis allows the person to determine how the hair will react to services and provides useful information such as hair density, texture, elasticity, porosity, problems and natural form.