Laser Hair reduction

Laser hair reduction means, removing unwanted body hair through an intense and amplified beam of light. During this procedure, a laser beam is made to pass through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The hair follicle is further damaged by the intense heat of the laser. the hair follicle get destroyed in the process resulting in a micro-scar which restricts the further growth of that hair in that follicle in future.

Though, the growth of hair is effectively slowed down through laser hair removal procedure, it doesn’t assure permanent hair removal. It normally takes many laser hair removal treatments for getting a prolonged hair free period. Thus it is a permanent hair reduction not removal.

Areas can vary from those bunch of nasty hairs on upper lip to even the whole body even the bikini area

Procedure of laser hair removal

• The area to be lased has to be cleaned and shaved off as we don’t want the shaft of the hair but at the same time we want to retain the roots of the hair for the laser toact upon. During scanning, the laser energy is made to pass through the skin and is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, through which the hair follicles are quickly disabled.the laser beam targets the1*1 cm area at a time and not the single single hair follicle so the time required to cover the whole area cuts down to bare minimum.

• several treatments may be required which would depend on the area, the density of your hair and your hair growth cycle which you want to have treated. Generally, 6 to 8 settings are needed by an individual and in every sitting, nearly 20% of hair follicle gets permanently disabled.

• There are two key factors that determine the success of laser hair removal and they are; skin type and hair color. People with dark hair either brown or black and light skin are best suited for this treatment. Yet, people with all skin types can avail this treatment.

• . Results could vary from individual to individual, though the hair count gets reduced by 40% to 80%.

• one can appreciatethe result in the form of no hair at all to gradual thinning of hair .the rate of growth of hair also slows down. hair removal is usually effective when the hair follicles grow actively. The treatments are generally scheduled over a period of time, so that the hair follicles get adequate time to start growing again.

Risks Associated with Laser Hair Removal

The process is quite safe, however, come complications are observed sometimes. It’s quite important to consult your doctor and evaluating the possible risk factors prior to going for the treatment. Given are some possible side effects of this procedure

This is a very safe and complication free proceure if done with experienced dermatologist.the only rigid precaution or aftercare involves use of sunscreen to prevent damage to overlying skin