Hair is a very important part of body image may it be male or a female,women are more likely to become anxious compared to their male counterparts, who regard hair loss as part of aging. ”

Hair fall is seen to begin at a much earlier age today than it did before, and affects both men and women in equally. If present trends are any indication, it is likely that half of the population would suffer from thinning/loss of hair before they turn 50.

Factors contributing to hair loss are many and can range from hereditary factors to the increasing number of environmental pollutants. faulty eating habits leading to eating nutritionally deficient food, illnesses, anaemia, poor blood flow to the scalp region, skin pathology, hormonal imbalances and excessive dandruff are major factors never forget the stress.mesoscalp

Mesotherapy for the hair or Mesoscalp, a revolutionary treatment that promises to aid hair re-growth in women experiencing specific type of hair loss and delay male pattern baldness in men. Originally a mesotherarpy means the technique of injecting the medicine directly in to the problem area .here the problem area being hair follicles we are injecting the medicine directly in and around the hair follicles

Vitamins such as Biotin in Mesoscalp treatments cause an increase in blood circulation to the scalp area and stimulate the hair follicles. Hair vitamins or topical medicines can be ineffective in some cases because they are not properly absorbed by the body. Mesoscalp solves this by problem by targeting the medicine directly at the roots. Mesoscalp works by injecting small amounts of specially formulated vitamins under the skin, very close to the hair follicles, using micro-needles. This solution stimulates blood circulation and stimulates re-growth of hair.

Hair destruction and hair fall are continuous processes accompanying advancing age. Mesotherapy cannot do anything for those who are completely bald. It is neither a cure for hair loss nor can it stop natural hair fall associated with ageing. But what it does is to strengthen weakened hair follicles and help them grow into thicker hair. But mesotherapy alone is not sufficient to ensure maintenance of healthy hair state.

It has to be complemented with other healthy habits, including eating nutritious food, avoiding junk food, drinking plenty of water, tackling stressful lifestyles and nourishing the scalp with appropriate hair-care agents.

Persons seeking the treatment are checked for medical history to see if they are fit to undergo the process. They are advised not to use sauna or any other hair treatment, including application of cream or oil, for a whole day prior to the treatment. They are, however, asked to rinse the hair with shampoo.

Duration of each mesotherapy session last for usually 10-15 min and frequency is once in 15 days-though injectables but this is essentially a painless procedure