Skin Analysis

We all were born with a soft & smooth skin but not many of us can boast of finely glowing skin we grow. This is because, most of us take our skin for granted either we neglect it or apply some products day after day which is not meant for our skin.Skin is like a mirror which reflects our inner health both physical and emotional Like any other living tissue, if our skin is not looked after properly, it will be reflected on your face immediately that’s why it is  essential to know about your skin, how full of life your skin is and understands how it performs its various functions.  Knowledge about your skin will enable you to make an active use of your skin in relating more positively to your environment.

The path to a healthy and beautiful skin begins with individual attention and expert skin analysis. Basically skin is of three types, oily skin, combination skin and dry skin.At skinkraft after a detailed  and precise skin analysis you will be well informed about your skin type and the skin care regimens to be followed.