Want to wipe away a few fine lines, get that perfect arch for your eyebrows or get rid of the unsightly double chin? You can get all of the above done in matter of a few minutes with the help of a painless, non-surgical procedure latest in the field of cosmetology procedure which is called as threadlift. The latest instant face-lift technique that is gaining popularity in the city is the thread contour instant lift technique.


Thread lift itself is not a new procedure but it used to be surgical earlier. Now, it is quicker and non-surgical.

Who can get this? 
Age is not a criteria here, say experts. Since it is a simple lunch-time procedure and when done by experts, has no side effects, even young men and women can opt for it. “When somebody lose weight very fast they end up with loose skin and this can be taken care of, some youngsters have loose skin on their arms — that too can be lifted. Young mothers with loose post-delivery tummy also come for this treatment,

In their 30s — 
Eyebrow lifts, forehead lift, , arm lift.

In their 40s — 
Crow’s feet or laughter lines, neck (threads work well in neck tightening and getting rid of the folds on the neck, jawline), buttocks, stomach.

In their 50s — 
Drooping corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds, laughlines), hips, love handles.

What is the procedure?

Area to be treated is numbed beforehand with the help of a topical anesthetist so as to make the process entirely painless.

Then required amount of multiple, hair-thin needles that have fine threads dipped in bio stem cell liquid, inside them are inserted into a layer of the skin one-by-one and then pulled out together smoothly, leaving the fine thread inside the layers of your skin. This induces fibroblast and promotes collagen production and literally lifts skin. The thread is gradually absorbed into the skin giving you a more sustained and long lasting result.

The number of threads used depends upon the age of the person and the area of face or body the needs the lift. For eyebrow lift and crow’s feet around five to six threads, for chin, jawline around 10-15 threads and for older men and women it could be around 30-40 minutes downtime,

risk: Go back to social life immediately, in six hours can wash face

Erythma, Hepatoma: Just after treatment by good post care, can prevent erythma / haematom