Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment

Periorbital hyperpigmentation or Under eye dark circles are extremely common beauty disaster seen in around 95% people at some time or the other in there lifetime. Thery are extremely common and the same time most difficult thing to be taken care of. The skin below our eyes is extremely thin and as you go out in the sun, the skin below the eyes gets damaged and becomes more thin and wrinkled. The veins located under this thin skin start to look prominent. Thus, the wrinkles and prominent veins form dark circles. At times, pigmentation also leads into dark circles.Some times you can blame them to your genes or it could be as simple as our own faulty practices such as unnecessary rubbing the eyes or a faulty lifestyle

Treatment for Under Eye Dark Circles

As mentioned earlier these are very difficult to go with only superficial treatments so here are few simple things which can do wonders

under eye

  • Improve your lifestyle follow the age old ritual of early to bed and early to rise.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes as friction worsens the pigmentation
  • With the help of makeup techniques, you can conceal the dark circles around the eyes
  •  Avoid using peels or bleach to make the dark circles around the eyes light
  •  Eat a healthy and nutrient rich diet as it helps in removing the dark circles around the eyes
  •  You can also tap the under eye skin lightly with one or two fingers to increase the blood circulation.


This is a novel therapeutic breakthrough intervention in the treatment of dark circles .Here in a small roller is rolled in the periorbital area after the application of a medicated serum.What a roller does is to create microchannels so that the medicated skin lightning serum reaches deep down directly in the problem area and effectively take care of it.

This is a fantastic 45 min office procedure wherein roller session is followed by cooling down effect of a peptide eyepatch and a mask.

Treatment includes minimum of 6 sessions with a gap of 15 days in between

Treament is practically painless and with no downtime at all